Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay

Picture: Christian Atanga

In support of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, our team has decided to take a break from social media starting Tuesday, June 2nd 

Watch the film here

In order to make an important voice heard through the short film ZOO, selected during our 24th supposed to have taken place March 11th to 15th 2020.

Therefore, in addition to making the film available again on La Fabrique culturelle page of Télé-Québec for the entire weekend, an interview with the filmmaker Will Niava will be presented live on our Facebook page, June 6th at 3 p.m.

Moderated by host Freddy Lloyd, the discussion will be an opportunity for the filmmaker to express his motivations behind the film, and for the public to comment in real time.

The filmmaker and host both wished to donate their fees to support one of the support organization following the activity.

Biographies : 

Will Niava is an Ivorian-Ghanaian film director based in Montréal.  After his education at the Melhoppenheim School of Cinema,  Will worked on a number of projects around the world. Among them,  his first short film "ZOO" is currently on an international film festival run. Will is preparing his first feature film experience, screenwriting alongside Oscar-nominated director Jérémy Comte. 

Freddy Lloyd was born and raise in Montreal by Haitian parents and hip-hop culture. Evolving in a diverse environment but then always ending his days within a Haitian home has given him an interesting perspective on things. As a communication graduate, he dabbled in to numerous ventures before jumping head on into podcasting. He holds a passion for conversation and understanding point of views and opinions. Freddy curates different platforms but at the end it comes down to creating spaces where culture Is presented with no filter or additives. 

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