Festival international du
court métrage au saguenay


Arvid has arranged for his sister to fill in for the orchestra at the concert house where he works. But when he ends up in a petty conflict with another man, who she in turn is praised by, his narcissism and need for attention leads to a path of self-destruction.

Production :
The Norwegian Film School
Distribution :
The Norwegian Film School
Contact :
Sound designer :
Quezada Valeria
Screenplay :
Nordrum Emanuel
Cast :
Ericson Eric, Nordrum Herbert and Johansen Kathrine Thorborg
Editing :
Fridlund Mathilde
Cinematographer :
Klüver Jørgen
Artistic direction :
Hansen Mie Gjersen

In competition for :

Grand Prize

Quebec Critics Award AQCC

Jury Award

Public award

  • Ernst De Geer

    Ernst De Geer studied at the Stockholm Film School. There he made the short film Axis and Allies. Before studying directing at The Norwegian Film School, he studied screenwriting at Biskops Arnö in Sweden. He’s also freelanced in television.

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